Swarna Swapna Purti Yojana

Swarna Swapna Purti Yojana is a gold scheme made by Sonigara Jewellers Pvt Ltd. It is a scheme which will fulfill your desires of buying that piece of jewellery you've wanted to buy. Swarna Swapna Purti Yojana helps you the comfort of contributing a fixed amount every month so that at the end of the term of the scheme your purchases with Sonigara Jewellers become easier.

Swarna Swapna Purti Yojana Scheme

You open an account by a minimum amount of Rs 1000 with Sonigara Jewellers Pvt Ltd and become Swarna Swapna Purti Yojana member. After which you are entitled to pay Rs 1000 or above and in multiples of Rs 100 every month. After becoming a member of this scheme you will receive a benefit of the last installment which will be paid from our side at the end of the term of the scheme! Sonigara Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. pays the last installment!

Additional Benefits:

a. At Sonigara Jewellers Pvt Ltd we not only care for our customers comfort but also go one step ahead by giving additional discounts
b. These discounts are not only applicable at the end of the scheme but also during the scheme.
c. There is an additional 7% discount for all our Swarna Swapna Purti Yojana members on the making charges of gold jewellery and diamond jewellery during the scheme period.
d. In addition to this you will receive an additional discount on making charges of gold jewellery and diamond jewellery at the end of the scheme depending on the type of scheme you have applied for at the time of your final purchase.
e. This and the installment contribution from our side at the month combined make this scheme a double bonus for all our customers. Thus giving you a perfect reason to invest in SJPL's Swarna Swapna Purti Yojana !

For Example:

Minimum of Rs 1000 to be invested in this scheme.

Duration of scheme Total amount paid by Customer Last installment amount paid by SJPL Total amount with interest for buying Time of jewellery purchase Discount given on making charges of jewellery
while redeeming the scheme
12 months Rs 12,000/- Rs 1000/- Rs 13,000/- 14th month 10% off
18 months Rs 18,000/- Rs 1500/- Rs 19500/- 21st month 12% off
24 months Rs 24,000/- Rs 2000/- Rs 26,000/- 27th month 15% off

Terms and Conditions:

Payment Related:

a. Payment done every month can be through the comfort of your home by online payment options. We also accept cash, cheque and demand draft payments.
b. Payments have to be done on or before the 10th of every month under any circumstances.
c. In case of delay of payment by more than 10 days you will not be liable for any benefits under the scheme.
d. In case of nonpayment of the monthly installment you will not be liable for any benefits under the scheme

Installment Related:

a. The amount invested in the first month will have to be continued throughout the year. No fluctuations in the monthly installment will be allowed.
b. You will receive a card in the beginning of the scheme. All the transactions of monthly installment payment made will be recorded on this card.
c. Please check all the payments made are correctly entered on the scheme card. In case of any problems please notify the manager.
d. You are liable to procure the scheme card at the time of redeeming the scheme.
e. Monthly installments cannot be cancelled or transferred to anyone else under any circumstances.
f. Investment made will not be returned in cash under any circumstances. Amount invested has to be returned in the form of jewellery billing.
g. You will be charged for vat/ sales tax and any other taxes levied by the state/ central / Pune municipal corporation on the scheme at the time of redemption of the scheme.

Redemption of Scheme Related:

a. Gold rate charged will be according to the rate at the time of redemption of the scheme.
b. Sonigara Jewellers Pvt Ltd reserves all rights to make any alterations, cancellations or additions to the above terms and conditions.
c. All disputes are subject to Pune jurisdiction.