A Leading American company in the field of onshore and offshore pipeline construction, inspection and technology solutions approached Expert Global to develop a smart welding equipment which could weld the pipes from the inside as well as outside simultaneously and to make the process precise, fast and leak free as the pipes which were to be welded were to be laid under the sea and hence it was mission critical.

Expert Global took up the end-to-end Design and development of the Automated Robotic welding equipment and its Weld Control System which allowed configuration of weld parameters and perform weld operations.

The data captured from various sensors could be viewed and analyzed in real time, and the system would take decisions based on these values.

The system could be controlled by an Android App or Wi-Fi Remote Control.

There was also a provision made for recording & live streaming of video of the welding operations.

The data captured could be simulated in the lab to analyze, validate and improve weld quality.


The time required to weld the pipes improved by 40% which helped in faster loading of pipes on the ships


The welding process became more precise and improved the weld quality and reduced the chances of leakages by 99%


The client was able to save close to 25% on the whole project cost by developing it completely with Expert Global as its trusted partner